How to Create Mahzooz Account?

The Mahzooz Draw provides the UAE public with an excellent chance to fulfill their dreams. A money transfer from one part of society to another can change lives. The weekly live lucky draw of Mahzooz Winner provides a player with millions of dirhams to live a life worth living without worrying about finances. Over the years, this positive initiative has transformed thousands of lives and brought hundreds of dreams to life.

Who can participate in Mahzooz?

Participants must be at least 18 years old. Due to this, people seeking such programs find them more challenging and common. The weekly draws make it more popular.

As a result, more people will have a chance to win.

In addition, employees and shareholders of Mahzooz are not allowed to enter this lucky draw. Likewise, it is also not permitted for insurance representatives, draw managers, and government representatives to register for this draw.

How do I buy Mahzooz online?

The Mahzooz website has the most user-friendly features ever. There you will find every solution to your problem. It’s easy to register for this live weekly lucky draw; there’s no need to worry. In addition, you can register your account online by following simple steps. Furthermore, their website allows you to buy the products online. You can check How to Buy Mahzooz Ticket by cash in UAE.

How to create a Mahzooz account?

To enter the lucky draw, you need to have a Mahzooz account. For this, you can follow the following steps.

  • Visit the website by entering on your browser.
  • You will then need to follow some easy and secure steps in order to get a Mahzooz account.
  • First, enter the create an account option after opening their website. You will get a new page with detailed steps to register an account.
  • In the next step, enter your mobile number in the contact box. Keep in mind to choose the correct country code. On entering the right phone number, you will receive an OTP. Type it in the box given below.
  • In the next step, you will have the complete registration form in front of you, where you have to enter your name, father’s name, age, birthday, gender, country, nationality, and city/town.
  • Be focused while filling out the form and enter the exact spelling of your name as mentioned on your passport.
  • After that, press the enter button and have a new page in front of you. They ask you for a username, password, email, and some privacy terms and conditions. It is better to read the term and conditions once before confirming the registration.
  • After that, press the confirm button. Now, you have your account on Mahzooz, and you can freely enjoy many amazing lucky draws.


Mahzooz is a unique platform that takes into account others’ needs. The fantastic offers it makes can solve the problem of millions of people suffering from misery and problems. This world cannot function unless we take such steps.

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