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Mahzooz Draw Results Today Winning Numbers List [Live]

Check out the Mahzooz Draw Results Today and see the List of Winning Numbers Prizes Live update.

Mahzooz Draw

Mahzooz is the UAE’s live draw website that is offering life-changing opportunities to its players with million of dirhams prizes every week. Mahzooz’s old name was emirates lotto that is purely dedicated to giving back to its participants and making their wish come true to become millionaires every Saturday night.

It is possible to turn the darkness of your unreached dreams into a luminous reality through financial assistance. In such situations, Mahzooz draw comes to the rescue. With it, you can be sure that you’ll be able to deal with any problem that will sap your strength. Join Mahzooz live weekly lucky draw and increase your chances of winning. Taking part in this lucky draw gives you more chances to succeed.

Mahzooz Results Today

Below is today’s mahzooz draw winning numbers results list, you can match your number to check prizes in this live update. If you still don’t know how to participate in Mahzooz then you can check our guide on How to Create a Mahzooz Account on their official website online, How to Play Mahzooz Draw and step-by-step instructions for How to Add Credit to your Mahzooz Account.

Grand Draw Result

(Saturday 6.08.2022)

  • 21 | 7 | 19 | 9 | 17

Raffle Draw Results

(Saturday 6.08.2022)

  • 17770562
  • 17630063
  • 17597618

Mahzooz Ticket Price

You can participate in Mahzooz draw with only AED 35 including a new raffle draw opportunity to get a chance to win AED 100,000. If you won Mahzooz then you should know How to Withdraw Your Winnings from Mahzooz account. You can read our guide on How to Buy a Mahzooz Ticket by Cash in UAE.

Mahzooz Draw Time

Mahzooz draw is held every week Saturday at 9 PM. You can watch the live stream on their official youtube channel. We also update live results on our Mahzooz Draw Results website.

What are the advantages of Mahzooz?

The Mahzooz program offers a remarkable opportunity to needy people who struggle to survive. It is also known as Mahzooz Emirates Loto, which holds weekly lucky live draws. As a result of these weekly lucky draws, they choose a winning number and offer life-changing reliefs. The most inspiring fact about Mahzooz is that they keep the needy and deserving participants on the priority list. Thus, this elevates the hope of the poor ones towards life. As a result, they can cope with the harsh realities of life. You can check How Many Numbers To Win Mahzooz lottery.

How to enter Mahzooz draw?

Entering Mahzooz’s lucky draw is simple and easy. All you have to do is to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Mahzooz lucky draw entries require you to purchase certain products.
  • These products are available online services and kiosks for AED 35 credit per product.
  • Likely, this purchase will not be delivered to you.
  • Instead, community collaborators will donate your purchased product to the needy.
  • Each product that to buy will serve as an entry in the lucky draw.
  • You will receive one entry in the Raffle draw and one into the Grand draw.

How to enter the Grand lucky draw?

In order to enter the grand lucky draw, it is necessary to have a line created. Creating the line involves a few steps. It comprises choosing the date of the grand lucky draw per your wish. Moreover, you have to choose five numbers of your choice. This number-picking process occurs in two ways. Either manually, by Quick Pick, or Favorites by the instructions. You can do this through Online services or by looks. If you won you must know How to Claim Mahzooz Prize from their website.

After going through all these steps, you must ascertain your line and confirm it. As a result, you will be entered in the draw relative to that and not authorized to terminate it again.

What are the rules and regulations of Mahzooz?

To enter the Mahzooz, there are some rules and regulations. These rules serve to maintain the order of the program. You need to follow them to enter the draw.

  1. The age should be at least 18 years or more.
  2. You are not forbidden to enter under the laws of your jurisdictions of residence.
  3. When entering a lucky draw, this can also be your jurisdiction.
  4. You have to follow these rules at all times.

Mahzooz Contact Number

Mahzooz toll-free number is 8005825 and their international number is +97145880100. You can also contact their email address [email protected] If you have any questions or concerns you can always contact the official Mahzooz number, email or social media channels. You can also Download the Mahzooz App to contact them and check the live draw results on your mobile.


The Mahzooz draw transformed the lives of thousands of struggling individuals. It is necessary to have programs like this to facilitate money flow in society.